What is Your COVID Personality?

by May 14, 2020COVID-19

It’s already starting… The COVID virus is revealing people’s true personality.

Best Care, an employee assistance program (EAP), published an interesting graph that describes 3 personality types.

We transformed the graph into a quiz for you to take. Which personality are you?

For each of the 3 personalities, answer 6 simple questions – of course, with a VFS-style bonus.

Your personality type should be self-evident at the end of the quiz.

Before you start, we want to point out that our goal is not to be insensitive to those who are sick with COVID or struggling with the situation. We sincerely feel for them.

Our goal here is to help you become aware of where you’re at currently, and help you progress in a positive direction.

1. Are you fearful?

      I stockpiled toilet paper, hand sanitizer and food in my house or apartment.
      I watch the news all the time to keep up with statistics.
      I share stats and news on social media.
      I share my emotions (fear, anger, despair) with family, friends and co-workers.
      I complain a lot about the situation and the lack of freedom at work and at home.
      I have a responsibility to share what I learn about contagion and deaths.

People in the fearful group tend to feel safe and in control when they stay in their comfort zone, which they don’t want to leave. They tend to lack self-confidence, so they’re more easily affected by others’ opinions. The crisis du jour serves as an excuse for their lack of progress.

This may sound harsh. If you’re in that group, it’s important for you to become aware of it and move away from this negativity – for your own sake.

2. Are you a learner?

      I don’t listen to the news compulsively.
      I focus on what I can control, and give up on what I can’t control.
      I recognize my emotions and focus on reason.
      I am aware of the situation and think about how to act.
      I don’t share information I haven’t double-checked.
      I acknowledge that most people are trying to do their best.

Learners strive to acquire new skills to get out of their comfort zone. They don’t hesitate to confront challenges head-on in order to get better.

This is a much better group to be part of. Still, you can build on the skills above and get even better.

3. Are you in growth mode?

      I use the situation to better myself.
      I work on important projects I couldn’t complete before.
      I maintain my daily routines, including exercising and eating healthy.
      I live in the present and focus on the future.
      I keep a positive attitude, including empathy and gratitude.
      I look for ways to adapt to frequent changes.

People in growth mode have big dreams. They have a clear purpose. They pick ambitious goals and determine a logical path to reach them.

Being in growth mode is a good place to be. Can you get even better? Can you help others along the way? Read on…

4. Are you a leader?
We wanted to add a bonus, a 4th personality, because we think you can do even better than what the Best Care team shared. You can progress from fear to learning, and from learning to growing. Beyond that, you can act as a leader. Let’s continue our quiz:

      I make my talents and resources available to others.
      I think of others and think of how to help them.
      I seek ways to be of service to others.
      I identify problems and seek solutions.
      I see the positive in the situation – history shows that it’s possible.
      I am strategically planning my post-COVID comeback.

Leaders know that they can be part of the solution, not part of the problem. They focus on others more than themselves. They are problem solvers and they use their talents for the benefit of others. They are part of a community of like-minded leaders who help and support them along the way.

So how did you do? Which personality traits best fit with your style?

Could you ask a close friend or a significant other where they think you fit best?

Where do they fit?

Are you transitioning from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4? If you are not, could you?

Wherever you stand currently, we invite you to make a conscious decision to progress from 1 to 4. Being a leader does not mean being a practice owner. Anybody, in any position, can act as a leader.

The world desperately needs more leaders, especially right now. In fact, people in categories 1, 2 and 3 desperately need leaders. They need the support of people who are strong, positive and hopeful. They need people who get stuff done.

Will you rise to the occasion?

Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS
Meredith Jones, DVM
Co-Founders of Veterinary Financial Summit