Here’s what attendees said about previous Summits.

Multiple Topics

Personal Finance

Student Debt


Practice Ownership

Practice Management

Multiple Formats


A time to discuss specific topics with peers and experts.


Several speakers share their views on subjects such as entrepreneurship, contracts, and hybrid roles.


A deep dive into a specific topic (investing, practice management, and more) in a small group setting.


Keynotes and talks will be presented by engaging speakers.

Multiple Opportunities


Meet like-minded colleagues, make new friends, and mingle with money nerds.

Goal Setting

Leave the Summit with a plan in hand and a Community to support you.

Breakout Sessions

Learn how our Partners can help you reach your goals.


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2023 Featured Speakers

Here are a few of the amazing and engaging speakers who will join us at the 2023 Summit.

Meredith Jones, DVM, CSLP®, AFC®

Topic: Know Your Money Scripts, Triage Your Personal Finances: Interactive Edition, Student Loan Payments are Restarted: Here’s What You Need to Know

Meredith Jones is a veterinarian and financial planner. After paying off her school debt in under four years, she founded the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group and completed training to become a financial coach. She is passionate about empowering veterinarians and vet students with the knowledge and understanding to achieve their financial goals.

Bash Halow, BA, CVPM, LVT

Topic: Managing a Practice During Economic Downturns

Bash Halow is a veterinary business advisor and veteran practice manager with over 19 years of experience. Mr. Halow has helped dozens of veterinary hospitals understand how to build stronger teams and responsibly and ethically grow their business.

Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert Mgmt

Topic: If It’s Not a “Heck Yes”… Then It’s No

Dr. Dave Nicol has more than 20 years of experience in general practice and has previously owned or part-owned four veterinary practices on two continents. He has written three books, including So You’re A Vet…Now What? – which is about how to survive as a veterinarian after graduation. Through his VetX ecosystem, Dave produces tools, training, and systems to help vets and practice owners reach their full potential.

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What Summit Attendees are Saying

Jim Clark, MBA, Professor at UC Davis

“This event was superbly organized and had a good diversity of topics related to finance and business. I learned from other speakers and found attending their talks beneficial. I feel this event is making a very positive contribution to the vet profession.”

Ray Ramirez, DVM

“I did like the balance / lifestyle / self care type of presentation. The advanced investing was helpful. The end part was very important and helpful!”