The 2023 Virtual Summit happens Sept 30th – Oct 1st!
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Multiple Topics

Personal Finance

Student Debt


Practice Ownership

Practice Management

Multiple Formats


A time to discuss specific topics with peers and experts.


Several speakers share their views on subjects such as entrepreneurship, contracts, and hybrid roles.


A deep dive into a specific topic (investing, practice management, and more) in a small group setting.


Keynotes and talks will be presented by engaging speakers.

Multiple Opportunities


Meet like-minded colleagues, make new friends, and mingle with money nerds.

Goal Setting

Leave the Summit with a plan in hand and a Community to support you.

Breakout Sessions

Learn how our Partners can help you reach your goals.


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2023 Featured Speakers

Here are a few of the amazing and engaging speakers who will join us at the 2023 Summit.

Meredith Jones, DVM, CSLP®, AFC®

Topic: Know Your Money Scripts, Triage Your Personal Finances: Interactive Edition, Student Loan Payments are Restarted: Here’s What You Need to Know

Meredith Jones is a veterinarian and financial planner. After paying off her school debt in under four years, she founded the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group and completed training to become a financial coach. She is passionate about empowering veterinarians and vet students with the knowledge and understanding to achieve their financial goals.

Bash Halow, BA, CVPM, LVT

Topic: Managing a Practice During Economic Downturns

Bash Halow is a veterinary business advisor and veteran practice manager with over 19 years of experience. Mr. Halow has helped dozens of veterinary hospitals understand how to build stronger teams and responsibly and ethically grow their business.

Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert Mgmt

Topic: If It’s Not a “Heck Yes”… Then It’s No

Dr. Dave Nicol has more than 20 years of experience in general practice and has previously owned or part-owned four veterinary practices on two continents. He has written three books, including So You’re A Vet…Now What? – which is about how to survive as a veterinarian after graduation. Through his VetX ecosystem, Dave produces tools, training, and systems to help vets and practice owners reach their full potential.

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2023 Agenda

RACE-approved for 12 hours of CE

Saturday, September 30th

If It’s Not a “Heck Yes,”… Then It’s No!

10:00 am EDT
Speaker: Dr. Dave Nicol

In veterinary medicine and life, we have a bewildering number of choices to make. The quality of our lives depends on the outcome of these myriad inflection points. That being the case, how come so many people are miserable? Dave believes this is due to the choices we make in vet med being passive or poorly thought through. Enter the “Heck yes… or no” rule. In this session, Dr. Dave Nicol will share some powerful frameworks on human happiness, plus data on decision-making mixed in with practical applications so the rule pays off.


Know Your Money Scripts

11:30 am EDT
Speaker: Meredith Jones, DVM, CSLP®, AFC®

Why do we sabotage ourselves when it comes to money? We know better, but we have trouble doing better. It all comes down to our Money Scripts. In this session, we’ll talk about what money scripts are, where they came from, and how they can keep us from reaching our goals. We’ll also talk about how to discover and rewrite your own Money Scripts.



12:30 pm EDT

Take a break for a bite to eat.


Building Your Negotiation Toolkit

1:00 pm EDT
Speaker: Melanie Barham, DVM, PMP, MBA

Gain practical tools you can put to use right away in negotiation with this interactive talk for both associates and employers. We’ll cover “the rule” of negotiation, understanding yourself and the person you are negotiating with, ethical or long-game negotiation, and how you can take the fear factor out of negotiations.


Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Your Practice Approach Could Greatly Affect 2024 Performance

1:00 pm EDT
Speaker: Jeff Sanford, MBA

GP practices are experiencing dropping invoices and patient visits despite higher revenues. Prior to the pandemic, most practices were 75%-80% wellness-focused, with the remaining being urgent visits. Since the pandemic, many have reached 50% urgent care. This more efficient “one and done” way of care may hurt many GP practices in the long run, with diminished value propositions as fees and prices increase. The shift toward urgent care has changed how many practices treat patients. This session discusses how practices can get back to the basics and create the ideal client experience, protecting practice invoices and revenues. 


Play & Win

2:00 pm EDT

Join us for our popular quiz game and win a prize!


Breakout Sessions

3:00 pm EDT


Investing for the Future

3:30 pm EDT
Speakers: Dr. Meredith Jones, Stu Sutphin, Dr. Ryan Koopmans

Our panelists will discuss investing and retirement planning, including an “order of operation” for investing, which types of accounts to use and when, and how to get to “work optional.” This is an interactive session with lots of Q& A to be sure your questions are answered.


Navigating Private Vet-to-Vet Transitions/Using Benchmarks to Identify Opportunities

3:30 pm EDT
Speaker: Denise Tumblin, CPA

The increase in purchases of veterinary practices by corporate consolidators and the prices offered have left many questioning if private ownership is still possible. How can sellers afford to walk away from a significant corporate offer, and how can a private buyer afford a similar price? Selling to an independent buyer can be financially rewarding for both parties. Sellers don’t need to lose out on a fair return on their investment, and buyers can afford to buy.

Making your practice more profitable and positioning it for continued success isn’t about luck. You don’t roll the dice and hope to meet your medical and financial goals for the year. Being profitable is about playing the right hand at the right moment and making changes in your practice that maximize your strengths. Join us for tips on identifying opportunities with the use of benchmarks.


Hot Topics: Associate Traps

5:30 pm EDT
Speakers: Paul Diaz, Dr. Ryan Koopmans, Dr. Meredith Jones

In this session, we will discuss common contract pitfalls, including non-competes and signing bonuses. We will discuss alternatives and how to avoid feeling trapped in a job that isn’t a good fit. We will also discuss strategies to maximize your contract negotiation or job search.


How to Attract Talent with Social Media

5:30 pm EDT
Speaker: Caitlin DeWilde, DVM

Recruiting talented team members can be tough in this competitive environment. In this session, Dr. Caitlin DeWilde will help you harness the power of social media to create an online presence that stands out. You will learn how to establish a unique brand voice, create content that connects with veterinary professionals, and attract ideal candidates to your practice.


Mastermind Meetup

6:30 pm EDT

Vet Financial Mastermind members meet for the first time.


Speaker Roundtable

7:00 pm EDT

This is your chance to access our Speakers and ask questions directly to them. Where else can you do that? Mingle with our amazing speakers and strike up a conversation.


Movie Night

8:00 pm EDT

Join us for a Netflix Watch Party of “Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga”.

Sunday, October 1st

Managing a Practice During Economic Downturns

10:00 am EDT
Speaker: Bash Halow, CVPM, LVT

Whether you’re going through boom or bust times, business performance benchmarks always point the way to smarter management decisions, but a new wave of technological innovations (including AI!) should not be ignored when learning to economize or upgrade your patient and client service experience. In this session, we’ll discuss the technology, financial targets, and management practices that contribute to a lean and mean team in any economy.


Let’s Talk About Compensation

11:00 am EDT
Speakers: Dr. Joy Fuhrman, Dr. Wendy Hauser. Dr. Meredith Jones

Our panelists will discuss different types of compensation for veterinarians, including salary vs. production-based compensation, as well as pros and cons to consider. We will also talk about merit-based bonuses for those taking on mentoring or management roles in the practice. You’ll walk away with strategies for finding the type of compensation you’re looking for.


Veterinary Management Benchmarks: Guidelines, Goals, or Garbage?

11:00 am EDT
Speaker: Michael Hargrove, DVM, MBA, CVA

How helpful are benchmarks anyway? In this session, Dr. Michael Hargrove will discuss the usefulness (or lack thereof) of national benchmarks and how to determine what is relevant for YOUR practice.



12:00 pm EDT
Take a break for a bite to eat


Triage Your Personal Finances: Interactive Edition

12:30pm EDT
Speaker: Dr. Meredith Jones

How can you manage your money in a way that reflects your true priorities?

VFS Co-Founder Dr. Meredith Jones will discuss key elements of smart financial strategies, including budgeting, emergency fund, debt management, and a primer on retirement account types.

Taking charge of your money is not about cutting back on expenses. It’s about prioritizing what matters most to you in life. You will emerge from this session with practical steps to help you reach your next financial goal.


Play & Win

1:30 pm EDT
Join us for our popular quiz game and win a prize!


Breakout Sessions

2:30 pm EDT


Student Loan Payments Are Restarting: What You Need to Know

3:00 pm EDT
Speaker: Meredith Jones, DVM, CSLP®, AFC®

Student debt has been a moving target recently, with frequent announcements and updates. This session aims to help clear the confusion surrounding student debt. Due to debt-to-income ratios and the availability of forgiveness programs, you have multiple options to consider for student loan repayment. Being intentional about your repayment strategy is worth the time and effort since choosing the wrong plan can be a costly mistake.


Diversifying Your Portfolio through Real Estate

3:00 pm EDT
Speakers: Dr. Mike Bugg, Kelly Cronin, Dr. Jason Balara

Our panelists will discuss their experience with real estate investments, including rental homes, apartments, and funds. They will discuss active and passive methods and how to create financial freedom through real estate.


The Gig Economy in Vet Med

5:00 pm EDT
Speakers: Dr. Willie Bidot, Dr. Theresa VonAlmen, Dr. Alissa Edoff

Are you looking to diversify your income or start your own business? Learn from veterinarians who have made the gig economy work for them and help them get a step closer to financial freedom.


Hot Topics: Bitcoin Fundamentals

5:00 pm EDT
Speaker: Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP®, CEPA

Bitcoin is a popular topic in the financial world, with some saying it’s the currency of the future and others saying it’s doomed to fail. Learn about the fundamentals of Bitcoin and why Isaiah thinks everyone in vet med should consider investing in this asset class.


Design Your Financial Plan / Closing Remarks / Prize Drawing

6:00 pm EDT

Leave the Summit with action steps that will help you continue your path to financial success!

What Summit Attendees are Saying

Jim Clark, MBA, Professor at UC Davis

“This event was superbly organized and had a good diversity of topics related to finance and business. I learned from other speakers and found attending their talks beneficial. I feel this event is making a very positive contribution to the vet profession.”

Ray Ramirez, DVM

“I did like the balance / lifestyle / self care type of presentation. The advanced investing was helpful. The end part was very important and helpful!”