Helping veterinary professionals achieve their financial goals.

Why This & Why Now

Our Goal is to Help Colleagues

  • Balance multiple financial priorities
  • Optimize their financial plan
  • Overcome staggering student debt
  • Build a successful veterinary practice
  • Face challenges that impact their bottom line
  • Explore different exit strategies
  • Retire before the age of 90





Meredith Jones is a veterinarian and financial planner. After paying off her school debt in under four years, she founded the Debt-Free Vets Facebook group and completed training to become a financial coach. She is passionate about empowering veterinarians and vet students with the knowledge and understanding to achieve their financial goals.

Meredith Jones

Jim Clark, MBA, Professor at UC Davis

“This event was superbly organized and had a good diversity of topics related to finance and business. I learned from other speakers and found attending their talks beneficial. I feel this event is making a very positive contribution to the vet profession.”

Ray Ramirez, DVM

“I did like the balance / lifestyle / self care type of presentation. The advanced investing was helpful. The end part was very important and helpful!”

Tammy Lons, DVM, Speaker

“This was a really interesting conference. Lots of information to put to good use… starting now.”


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