What are the Top Money Concerns in Vet Med?

by Aug 3, 2021Debt, Personal Finance, Practice Finance, Success

We recently polled our members, and the numbers are in!

1. Personal Finance: 

This topic holds the top position. It’s really a combination of concerns, including: how to invest (#2), buying a home (#3), saving for retirement (#7), budgeting (#9) and personal debt (#10). 

In a workshop on “Investing Basics for True Beginners,” Ashley Foster (Certified Financial Planner), Tim McFillin (Medical Advisors Group) & Meredith Jones will go over the basics of investing. How do you buy a mutual fund? How do you open an IRA? How do you build a portfolio? How can you afford to buy a home? 

If you are more experienced with investing, Derreck Long (Quest Trust), Lora Hoff (Certified Financial Planner) and Phil Zeltzman will present “Investing Nuggets for the Seasoned Investor.” They will discuss traditional and alternative investing, including real estate and self-directed IRAs. 

In addition, veterinarians Mike Bugg, Stacey Cordivano and Margaret Dunnett will detail their journeys to generate “Passive Investing through Real Estate.” 

2. Student Debt: 

Student debt continues to be a top financial concern among our colleagues. 

Fortunately, Meagan Landress (of Student Loan Planner) will host a workshop on “Student Loan Repayment Planning – 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid.”

3. Prioritizing Financial Goals: 

Although the entire 2021 Summit is designed to help you create your very own financial plan, the grand finale is on Sunday, September 19th, when we will dedicate time to help you pick your financial goals for the upcoming year. What will your top $ goals be? 

4. Practice Ownership: 

“Could a Practice Become Your Smartest Investment?” In this panel discussion, Phil Richmond (Country Oaks Animal Hospital, Florida), David McCormick (Simmons) and Collin Hart (ERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors), will explain how practice culture and team wellness affect the value of a practice. Who else talks about this? They will also discuss practice real estate and traditional practice valuation. 

If you already own a practice, Ashley Micciche (True North Retirement Advisors) will help you plan your exit strategy so you maximize your investment. 

5. Contract Negotiation:

If you want to learn more about contract negotiation, we have not one but two sessions for you. 

In “The Ideal Contract,” attorney Christopher Allen (Associates in Veterinary Law) and practitioner Jonathan Leicht will discuss how to come up with the ideal contract, one that is fair to both the employer and the employee. 

Then in our “Negotiate Like a Pro” workshop, UC Davis professor Jim Clark will cover the art and science of effective negotiation with employers, employees and clients.

6. Starting a Business or Side Gig: 

Phil Zeltzman will share the 10 steps to start a successful side gig, mobile or brick and mortar practice, or any other business. 

7. But wait, there’s more: 

If that’s not enough, the Summit will also include:

  • A keynote presentation by colleague Dave Nicol titled: “Business Is Booming, but People Are Breaking.”
  • How to increase prices the right way with NCSU professor Amy Snyder.
  • How to Increase Profitability with Terry O’Neil, CPA.
  • Our world-famous lunch game, with prizes!
  • A practical discussion about Travel Hacking.
  • Lap of Love CEO Dani McVety’s best Pearls of Entrepreneurship.
  • “How to Squeeze Your Inventory Before It Squeezes You” with inventory expert Nicole Clausen.
  • Which conference has Movie Night? The $ummit does! We will watch “The Big Short” together. This movie is based on the fascinating true story of 4 investors (played by Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale!!!) who discover how flawed and corrupt the mortgage market was. So in 2006-2007, they bet against the US banks and made a killing!
  • Two new features this year: our Soapbox Series and our Great Debates on a variety of topics.

If you are struggling with any of the above concerns, or if you want to optimize your financial plan, the Vet Financial Summit was specifically designed to help you. 

This is not your typical conference where you sit through boring lectures. Our sessions are 100% live, interactive and super practical. You can actually talk to our speakers! 

When you sign up, not only will you enjoy 2 days packed with engaging, non-boring speakers, you will also instantly join our Community and be supported for a year.

Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS
Meredith Jones, DVM
Co-Founders of Veterinary Financial Summit