Despite a global pandemic and the naysayers, the inaugural Vet Financial Summit was a huge success if we judge by the results of surveys and the amazing feedback we’ve received from attendees (seriously, thank you so much for the kind words!).

Bottom line: The answer to one of the questions in the survey, “Do you feel that attending the Summit has provided you with the tools you need to master your finances?” was overwhelmingly a big “YES.”

Converting to a virtual event was a huge gamble that went better than expected: “That was the most organized, well run virtual event I have been a part of this year and I have been in 3 already!” Wynne DiGrassie (Virginia).

We clearly owe this success to our amazing and passionate attendees, Partners and speakers. When we chose the safety of our attendees, most speakers converted their traditional PowerPoint presentation into interactive and practical workshops, as well as lively panel discussions.

During the personal finance track, we discussed investing, real estate and passive income, student debt and financial freedom.

During the practice finance track, we brainstormed about compensation, increasing revenue, financial statements and practice acquisition.

And let’s not forget “Playing with FIRE”, our documentary, the highlight of the weekend, that has already inspired many FIRE admirers (Financial Independence/Retire Early).

Finding the right balance between topics that pertain to associates and practice owners was a challenge, but it sounds like the recipe was just right according to attendee feedback:

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Summit this past weekend! It was a terrific blend of personal & hospital financial guidance. Very inspiring! Thank you so much for creating this unique opportunity!”
– Margaret Dunnett, Canada

“There was so much value in this experience for me, as both an attendee and a speaker. I’m excited to have found meaningful connections with multiple conference attendees and speakers, who I’m looking forward to continuing to connect with in the future.”
– Angela Demaree, Indiana

“Thank you for an amazing Summit. Beyond grateful for the mind shift that was triggered during this Summit. I am excited and energized!! I honestly cannot thank you enough for the opportunity. Life changing.
– Ida Mulenga, South Africa

We had fun. We learned. We played games. We won prizes. We even witnessed the birth of a few side gigs! 

Encouraged by the success of our September 2020 event, we are already working on the 2021 event, so stay tuned!

To all who attended – colleagues, Partners and speakers – thank you for your incredible engagement and for trusting us on your path to financial success.

Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS
Meredith Jones, DVM
Co-Founders of Veterinary Financial Summit